Please check rehearsal schedule weekly.  
Times do change each week. 
Dancers need to arrive 15 minutes
before ALL rehearsals

Please don’t miss or be late
to your rehearsals.

Rehearsal Schedules
Friday, October 13th- Rehearsal
5:45-6:30     Chinese Leads and Attendants                          
8:00-9:15     Big Party Girls, Medium Party Girls Cast A & B                                          
Saturday, October 14th- Pictures & Rehearsals

Pictures and Rehearsals                                  
(arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled pictures to dress in costumes)                                       

Pictures - Studio B
8:45-9:00          Angels on Pointe Group                          
9:00-9:30          Ginger Children Cast A&B                                   
9:30-10:00        Little Party Girl Cast A&B                                    
10:00-10:30      Little Mice Cast A&B                                 
10:30-11:00      Intermediate Party Girl Cast A&B                                 
11:00-11:30      Dream Angels Cast A&B                          
11:30-12:00      Gold Angels                         
11:45-11:50      Waltz Corps Group- Not Dew Drop or Side Roses or Guys
12:00-12:15      Cherubs                               
1:00-1:15          Pre-Adv Headshots & MCB 2(wear thin strap blk leo)      1:15-1:30         Adv Headshots & MCB 1 (wear thin strap blk leo)
1:30-2:00          Fritz, Party Boys Cast A&B and Arabian                    
2:00-2:30          Big Rats, Rat King, Soldier Doll, Nutcracker, Dolls & Leah 
2:30-3:15          Sibling Pictures  (sign up at front desk)                                                                              

Rehearsal (Studio A)
9:30-10:15       Ginger Children Cast A&B Studio A                              
10:15-10:45      Little Party Girl Cast A&B Studio A                              
10:45-11:15      Little Mice Cast A&B Studio A                            
11:15-11:45      Intermediate Party Girl Cast A&B                            
11:45-12:15      Dream Angels Cast A&B Studio A                                 
12:15-1:00        Gold Angel Studio A                                 
1:30-2:30          Big Soldiers Studio A                                
2:30-3:00          Bon Bons Studio A                          
3:00-4:00          Waltz                        
4:00-4:30          Russian and Spanish                                 
4:00-4:30          Sugar Plums, Dolls  - Studio B                            
4:30-5:15          Rats, Rat King, Nutcracker                                  
5:15-6:15          Snow                        
6:15-6:45          Arabian, Snow Pas    

Friday, Oct. 20 - Rehearsal 
5:45-7:15         Advanced Class
7:15-9:00         Party Adults
8:00-9:00         Big Party Girls, Medium Party girls, fritz, Clara Cast A&B
9:00-9:30         Bon Bon

Saturday, Oct. 21 - Rehearsal
Studio A
8:30-9:45         Party Boys  cast A & B
9:00-9:45         Intermediate Party Girls Cast A & B & Clara
9:45-10:30       Ginger Children Cast A & B & Clara
10:30-11:15     Little Party Girls Cast A & B & Clara
11:15-11:45     Little Mice Cast A & B  & Clara
11:45-12:30     Dream Angels Cast A & B & Clara 
12:30-1:30       Gold Angels, Clara's Angels & Clara
2:30-3:30         Waltz
3:30-4:30         Snow
4:45-5:15         Arabian
5:15-6:30         MCB 1- Adjudication Rehearsal

Studio B 
11:30-12:00     Chinese Leads & Attendants & Soldier Dolls
12:00-12:30     Russian, Spanish, Snow Pas
12:30-1:00       Senior Girl Dolls
1:00- 2:15        Rats, Rat King, Nutcracker, Soldiers (Clara @ 1:30)
2:30-3:00         Drosselmeyer & Clara
3:00-3:30         Sugar Plum


***Performance Notes***
  • No food or drinks in the Wingate University facility (Lobby, Auditorium, Dressing Rooms, etc.). Only bottled water is allowed for the dancers.
  • No eating or playing in costumes.
  • No playing in the Rotunda/Lobby area during Dress Rehearsals
  • Do not remove costumes, headpieces, or props from the dressing room or backstage area between shows. Because the shows are double cast, your costume may be used during the next show.
  • No costumes in the lobby or auditorium before or during performances.
  • PLEASE do not be late for any rehearsals or performance call times.